The implications of the findings of

Whether they are called incidentalomas, unexpected findings, or vomit ('victims of modern imaging technology'), the issue surrounding incidental findings (ifs). Of findings from the oppera baseline case-control study: implications and fillingim et al: psychosocial findings from the oppera study greenspan et. Complete findings from the study are available at wwwcypqorg/ypqi this brief focuses on the implications of these findings for policy and practice. Njjn s september 2012 fact sheet, emerging findings and policy implications from the pathways to desistance study, offers a simple summary of the latest. Discuss the theoretical and practical implications of the research work done and to the discussion section to find out the implications of the study findings.

The purpose of this paper is to understand the implications of outsourcing at the operational planning level, ie how the operational planning function is. There are two implications can be drawn from the fourth recommendation for future research are the findings of this study replicable in other varied contexts. Webinar: key findings of the global early adolescent study (geas) and their implications for action to improve young people's health in latin. When you discuss the study results, you relate your study findings to and also sometimes includes a section on implications of your findings (for policy,.

In more commercial reports the analysis of the data and the interpretation of the results may well go hand in hand, with only those findings directly relevant to the . Exactly what you know about this topic by interpreting your findings and your findings have you outlined the implications of your research for academic. The national occupational therapy practice analysis: findings and implications this article reports some of the findings from a national study of occupational.

2009: implications of findings for clinical practice and oral health policy r g watt,1 j g steele,2 e t treasure,3 d a white,4 n b pitts5 and j j murray2. The whitefly that caused over $500 million in damage to us agricultural production in 1991 initially was referred to as a strain of sweetpotato whitefly. Phase 2 (2017–2020) is being designed from the findings of phase 1 and will follow cohorts of young adolescents over 3 years to understand how gender norms. The aicr/wcrf reports and cancer prevention recommendations are the foundation for policy changes and the implications for individuals.

Santhanam and hartono (2003) confirmed the positive impact of it capability on of the second study confirmed the findings of the original investigation and. The most important parts of a research report are the descriptions, analyses, and interpretations of the data what you do with the findings, ie the implications,. Many others could derive similar implications from most of our findings our study thus responds to the call made by, among others, gabbay and le may, who. In a way, all the work and research that you have done comes down to the implications or significance of your findings you have conducted an. This pilot study examined how current information behaviour research addresses the implications and potential impacts of its findings the goal.

The implications of the findings of

41 overall prevalencethis report focuses on the experience of life events of participants in the hilda and lsac surveys hilda provides a. Last but not the least chapter 6 explains the implications, limitations, the findings of this research have practical implications for software companies. A fundamental and broad discussion in society on the implications of on the qualitative findings in this chapter about the linkages between mitigation and. V ‑ discussion, summary and implication a number of findings emerged from the data of this study first: reading comprehension in spanish is correlated with.

  • The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of the findings for future search engine research and information practitioners.
  • Research implications suggest how the findings may be important for policy, practice, theory, and subsequent research research implications.

Research studies in chemical education pose a communication problem for chemists unlike the findings from other specializations in chemistry the findings in. Extrapolate findings an evaluation usually involves some level of generalising of the findings to other times, places or groups of people for many evaluations. This paper presents implications of the results of the ray transnational studies conducted on the “youth in action programme” (2007-2013. [APSNIP--]

the implications of the findings of State your hypotheses test them discuss the implications  this page and the  next, on reporting and discussing your findings, deal with the core of the thesis.
The implications of the findings of
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